Alan Dweck’s remaster of ‘Before’ reflects his eclectic influences

London-based artist Alan Dweck returns with a remaster of a song from his last album, ‘Entangled Moments’. The song (and especially the remaster) reflect Dweck’s vast variety of influences, both musical and from his travels around the world. Years after his band became one of the first western ones to tour Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, his diverse array of international influences continue to seep into his work. His Blues, Jazz, and Progressive roots all come through on the track, which he has called his ‘tribute to some of the great blues and soul songs of the past’.

The track itself is an incredibly touching slice of his music. The fresh mix reemphasizes the strengths of the original while breathing new life into the track. His ever poignant lyrics continue to touch the hearts of his listeners across the world, while the instrumentals fill the listener with vivid images of their own.

“Alan Dweck paints visceral imagery through his music. Narrative driven, at times almost theatrical nod to piano driven cinematic soundscapes and acoustic guitar licks spliced with Progressive, Jazz and Blues. Alan has always pursued a symbiotic combination of the sonic and visual arts.”


Words by Jacob Rousu

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