iLana Armida’s Summertime Love shimmers and shines

iLana Armida proves herself once again as a master of smooth, summery pop music. Fresh off of writing for Doja Cat’s smash hit album Planet Her, her new single Summertime Love continues to prove her ear for pop music. In this case, she once again brings the smooth, summery vibes to create an inviting love song.

iLana’s breathy, soothing vocals perfectly match the airy synths and light beat, crafting a perfect song to evoke a blissful summer day. iLana is, of course, the master of this formula, having racked up 7.6 million Spotify plays on songs she co-wrote. Her choice to remain an independent artist, like other artists like Tinashe, has allowed her to create every aspect of her artistry – including by mixing cultural influence. The label system, traditionally bad at handling any mix of styles (see the aforementioned Tinashe as an example), probably would not know how to handle her mix of influences from around the globe. iLana herself is of mixed heritage, and her ability to stay ambiguous culturally and take influence from everywhere serves to create a welcoming sonic environment for all.

In her words, “I sing songs that incorporate multiple languages and genres purposefully so that people of all cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities can feel connected to the music…I want everyone to feel accepted and united.


Words by Jacob Rousu

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