Booze And News: Tunetables

Howdy folks! Just wanted to share something quite brilliant with all you music-lovers out there. If, like me, you have an extensive collection of physical media (in my case, CDs), then chances are you’re precious collection is stored in some generic flat-pack shelving units. There’s nothing wrong with that – they do the job, but that’s all they do. Fance upgrading to something ultra-stylish, hand-made and purpose-built for music fans by a music fan. Meet Tunetables!

What we have here are bespoke tables that double as storage for CDs, tapes or vinyl. Each one is based on the aesthetic of music-equipment flight-cases – you know the sort of thing. I have to say, they look amazing. “The Tunetables idea was borne,” says inventor and Tunetables head, Rob Chappelhow, “out of a personal desire to have my music collection around me once again.” That’s something we can all appreciate. If you have a moment, head over to their website and check them out. Yes, you will be paying more than the price of a flat-pack, but then you are getting a whole lot more for your money.

Check out Tunetables below: