Can a good piece of Art be tasted?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about flavours?

Now stay with us on this one, for we may sound a little crazy. If there’s one thing I love about art, it’s the way it can ignite and heighten my senses.

We know that art can speak to us, it can convey emotion and feeling, but what about taste?

Even science would argue that this is entirely possible, take the phenomenon of ‘synesthesia’.

Synesthesia is a a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense (e.g., taste) produces experiences in a totally different sense (e.g., sight).

Accordingly to researcher Sean Day up to 1 in 27 people has some form of Synesthesia.

This phenomenon sparked my curiosity, and I sought to find a piece of art that can provide the ‘synesthesia’ sensation.

I quickly stumbled upon the works of Dmitry, a visual artist and painter whose creativity is inspired by senses, emotions and genuine feeling.

His collection ‘Flavours’ is a curious set of works inspired by various tastes, spices and palates.

I was particularly struck by ‘Paprika’, vibrant and vivid Dmitry somehow captures the stunning feel and texture of the spice in . I feel as if I can taste the seasoning, smell and taste that comforting scent of a warm dinner cooking on a cold day, just by looking at this piece.


I hate to disappoint, but not all artwork will be able to give you this sensation. Only creatives with the immensely impressive ability to capture feelings and sense in a singular still image can bring us this curious experience.

If you’re looking for Art you can truly taste, Dmitry’s work is the place to go.

Airline delay? Airline hooray! The wait leads to Laura Mitchell’s new track ‘Killing Time!’

Would you ever imagine composing a beautiful song while stuck on a long-haul flight from Western Australia to London?

Well, not many possess the ability that composer John Young has. Whilst being stuck on this flight, Young had the melody stuck in his head and had the song fully written by the time he finally arrived in London, hence the ironic song title.

From that point onwards, he made it his mission to find the right singer and pianist for the track, which came in the form of David Bennett and Laura Mitchell.

As a wedding singer, Laura immediately connected with the song, providing the emotional, strong and powerful vocals.

I didn’t see this coming or work towards it. I am in a wedding band. At weddings, many people ask, ‘Do you perform you own stuff?’ or ‘You should go on X Factor’. I didn’t have plans for that. I used to write music in my teens but worked off most of that angst and sadly stopped writing music when I started learning about it at Uni. I suffered from stage fright for a long time, but through the wedding band, the ability to put on the dress and heels and become a rock star – singing other people’s songs, I become someone else. It’s nice for me to become vulnerable again with a chance to show off the softer side of my vocals”.

Laura Mitchell.

Laura Mitchell has definitely impressed the masses with this track and we can only hope for more. To keep updated with all things Laura, be sure to check out her social media below!






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Crack of Dawn Release Cracking New Tune ‘Tiempo’.

With over forty years of funk continuing to flow through their systems and into the masses, soul legends Crack of Dawn have returned with an exciting new single ‘Tiempo’.

Collaborating with four time Grammy nominee and award winning actress Melba Moore, writers Dennis Nieves and Michael Dunston wrote the song about people needing to find themselves after a serious break up.

Although written many years ago, the song relates even to this day, with Michael’s wife battling some medical issues as of late.

The deep vocals by Dunston, smooth instrumentals and the strong female voice from Melba Moore allows this track not only to be therapeutic and relatable, but to be taken to a whole new level of soul and funk.

You can listen to ‘Tiempo’ here:

This power collab should excite fans extremely, with both band and artist having worthy accolades under their belt. Melba Moore has a total of eleven top ten U.S hits on the Billboard charts over the past 40 years, as well as two number one R & B hits (“Falling” and ”A little bit more”, with Freddie Jackson).

On the other hand Crack of Dawn were the first Black Canadian band to sign with a major label, joining Columbia in 1975. Their 2017 album ”Spotlight”, produced by Carl Harvey, has won many indie awards.

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Écoutez! Edinburgh Readies itself for Bizarre Musical Experience!

This year’s Edinburgh Festival is nearly upon us, a time when going to see the right act at the right time is a fine art. In a rather Sex Pistols fashion, people will tell you they were the first to see such-and-such an act before they were famous in a miniscule venue, whereas, if everyone had been there, a 300-seat venue would have had tens of thousands in the audience. We therefore have a duty to give you advance warning of one act appearing this year, No-Ce.

No-Ce is Celine Nordegg and her band, an Austrian-based collective who don’t take the easy route to getting under your skin. A mixture of jazz, chanson and rock, it veers from the sound of smokey Paris coffee bars in 1957 to modern day hipster-swing hang-outs. Language is not an issue, quite frankly she could be saying something terrible about our grandma and we’d still listen.

Where going to stick with the traditional here, as schnapps feels exactly like the kind of thing you should be quaffing along with your listening experience.

See No-Ce & Band at this year’s Edinburgh Festival August 6/7/8 at 08:30pm at AMC @ UCC






Wartoad, The Band With Many Members Makes An Interesting Approach With ‘I Alone Can Fix It’



Wartoad have been making the rounds with the release of their brand new track ‘I alone can fix it’.

With all 9 members, yes that’s right, 9! A already accomplishing achievement for a band now a days, the band consists of  Al Dijon (Organ, Mellotron, Drums, Vocals), Butch Dante (Guitar, Vocals, Whistle), Calvin Voltz (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Kalimba, Vocals), Charlie Danielson (Bass, Vocals, Guitar), Diego Fontana (Drums, Vocals), Hal McNulty (Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Kip Larson (Drums, Vocals), Nigel Stevens (Vocals) and finally Tony “Terk” Downing (Drums).

With a brand new album on the way and all the while achieving what they do, living separately around the world must be insanely difficult, how they get things decided together, i do not know, they must have great Skype connection!

So, whether you’ve guessed it or not, the preferred beverage would be something green, an apple Sourz, or perhaps something with a bit more of a kick, or punch…Jagermeister. The perfect choices of drink to chug while rocking out like punks!

Be sure to check out the politically charged, punk fueled jab at Donald Trump, out now:








Julia Mascetti – When Meads Must

As the nights draw in and the opportunities for settling back in the rocking chair with a glass in one hand and the gramophone needle in the other grow, we’re finding ourselves more inclined towards the soothing storytelling, as opposed to the death metal we occasionally happen upon.

Praise due then for Julia Mascetti, a harpist in the Joanna Newsom mould but with the added strings attached, if you like, of being a Brit abroad – in Tokyo, no less. As well as being a prolific blogger, she has grown an audience of local music fans who have been attracted like moths to an open fridge to her shadowy indie folk world of longing and warnings, combining her harp prowess with local musicians playing Japanese instruments. It’s a combination which is both creepy and invigorating and with a sudden thirst for mead. That’s why it says mead in the title. Here’s a picture of some mead, some places to find Julia and a video. Chin-chin.







Grappa Music – The Wondrous World of Johann Sebastian Punk

We’re delighted to add grappa to our list of beverages to enjoy music to, not least because it gives us the opportunity to push Johann Sebastian Punk into the spotlight.

Since 2013, Johann has been aggravating the Italian music scene cognoscenti (and anyone else in his way) as he embarked on a determined campaign to bring his remarkable personae and music to an audience being spoon-fed plastic sound. It wasn’t an immediate success. In fact, it wasn’t much of a success even after the immediate lack of action had passed. Although supported by a loyal band of fans in his home country, there was no way the Italian media were going to stand for his unconventional look and sound, both of which apparently change with the weather – often during the same day.

So, he was launched his latest album, Phoney Music Entertainment, to a much larger audience, specifically targeting the UK, a place renowned for taking rebels, waifs and strays under its wing and nurturing their wayward talent. We’re not sure if Johann needs nurturing, his album sounding so robustly confident, that if anything it’s us that need gentle encouragement. Although portraying himself as something of a court jester, Johann is actually on a serious mission to get audiences to demand more of their “pop stars”, both in terms of material and as artists. We readily accept appalling music as either a joke or a trivial annoyance, but in truth, it’s grating and mood-adjusting for us and depriving musicians of genuine talent and worth the airtime and platform they desperately crave.

Phoney Music Entertainment sees Johann honing his technique (this is his second release) yet drifting from the shoulder-shrugging classic pop of “Tragedy” to the quasi-disco squelch of “The Quintessential” – none of it should really work together but it does – primarily because we’re programmed to accept rock/ballad/rock as a template that has to be stuck to. It’s a quite marvellous record, full of joy but at the same time making us feel somewhat gloomy that this is but a sparkling raindrop in a somewhat sorry puddle. But the album and do your bit.

Lambert: ‘I’m not an alcoholic, I’m an alcohol enthusiast’

Lambert has been successfully performing in the UK, recently he took time out to banter with the crowd, he started off with practicing his British cockney accent.


He said: “Yeah! You al’ righ’? – That’s all I’ve got. My British accent is bullshit. It’s awful but I’m going to keep trying and do it and by the end of the night you’ll be like ‘Oh Gawd, he’s tawkin’ li’ us again’.

“That’s actually my problem, with trying to do British dialects, is that I can’t tell them apart. There’s so many, and they’re all so cool. I really like being here, I feel like, it’s like being on safari or something.

“You guys having fun? Thank you so much for seling out this mother fucker. I actually don’t know if we’re sold out so, I hope that was right. It looks like we are and we all want tequila!

“I love tequila. I’m not an alcoholic, I’m an alcohol enthusiast. I’m a big fan!

Florence Welch: ‘Quitting drinking helped me creatively’

Singer Florence Welch, of Florence + The Machine fame, has revealed that writing her last album was made a lot easier by stopping drinking alcohol.

When asked to recall the best piece of advice she had ever received, she explained that the suggestion of cutting out alcohol went well:

“When I got off tour a few years ago, I tried to keep living as I had been. You want to keep the party going, but you’re just in your own house. I was like, “Oh, my life is in chaos, and my relationships are so messed up. What am I doing?” A friend said, “Why don’t you try not drinking for a while – see what happens?” [Laughs] I was willing to try anything at that point. It definitely helped me write my last record.”

Welch also confessed that she feels less stressed when she’s on tour than she does at home: “When you’re on the road, you’re like, “Oh, my God, touring is so stressful.” Then you come back and struggle to fit in all these things that you miss from normal life – seeing friends, seeing my mom.”

She added: “You’ve got to do your own laundry, too, and I can even stress myself out about getting enough rest. By the time I have to leave again, I kind of want to get back on tour, because I can finally relax.”