Billy Mick is the definition of an icon on latest single ‘The Tourist’

Hailing from Florida, Billy Mick is an artist that clearly makes a statement with his music. Returning with addictive new single ‘The Tourist‘, this is certainly a track you won’t be getting out of your head any time soon. Taken from his forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Levelling Up‘, Billy Mick is an icon that will instantly give your day a boost.

‘The Tourist’ is a track that recalls Billy’s time on holiday in the UK and especially at the celebrated community event that is Manchester Pride. Feeling a sense acceptance from his travels and happy to be true to himself, Billy explores themes of reassurance and optimism for the LGBTQ+ community in the track. Saddened to go home to a place where there’s increasing racial intolerance and bigotry on the news – it seems, unfortunately, that the two places are worlds away from each other.

Adding his thoughts on the experience, Billy mentions, “In 2018, my husband and I attended Manchester Pride as part of our trip to the U.K. We were so amazed at the overwhelming sense of acceptance, love and community we felt when we were there! The streets were filled with drag queens, lesbians, straight people, bears, twinks…and everyone was actually celebrating together. My prior experiences at some pride events were different – there would be a single big event or parade where people would come together and when it ended everyone would go to their separate parties or bars. It was just so cool and awe-inspiring to not only see the diversity but to also be welcomed by everyone we met. We felt very much at home”.

‘The Tourist’ is a captivating release that draws you with it’s vibrant arrangement.


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