Heartfelt duo Toby & Pip release autobiographical song based on parenthood

Little Lady” is a truly breathtaking single. Based on the early experiences of parenthood, husband and wife duo Toby & Pip are passionate and truly heartwarming. Dedicated to their daughter Josie, who inspired the addictive folk-pop tune, this joyful love song brings hopes to thousands across the globe, and sits perfectly during Valentines. A weekend filled with love whether you’re in a romantic or platonic relationship, this warming single professes that love truly does win.

Their second single to date was released back in 2020 describes the first steps forward in parenthood. It also touches on how becoming a parent makes you want to be the best you can be and always do the best you can for your child. Paired with a fitting music video, Toby has filmed one second of Josie’s life everyday on his phone, and the music video is made entirely from the daily shots.

Toby & Pip are playing a Valentines live-stream tonight at 9pm over on their Instagram, and we highly advise you tune in.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TobyAndPip
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TobyAndPip
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcYWoZhSCl237VNJSf&g

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Michael Jones’ latest release ‘The Crossroads’ crosses new territory for the songwriter

Award-winning poet and singer-songwriter Michael Jones released his new single ‘The Crossroads‘ on Friday the 13th of November. One of the only positive things that came out of Friday the 13th, ‘The Crossroads’ is an anthem all about change at a time where the world is hurting.

Taken off his forthcoming EP ‘American Poet Part II‘, which is out November 27th, Michael states that ‘The Crossroads’ is linked to his successful track ‘This is The Night’. On the track, Michael states, “These epic and changing times have brought humanity to The Crossroads. The symbolism of Robert Johnson, trading his soul for the gift of music, is woven into the heart of American folklore. We can all sense that 2020 is a transitional historical moment. The choices we make now may very well determine the fate of our collective human soul. It is from this idea that I wrote The Crossroads”.

Drawing inspirations from the likes of poets-turned musicians such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison, Michael Jones is an innovative artist with a strong discography behind him.

‘The Crossroads’ is bathed in blues sensibilities, and nods to the classic legend of Robert Johnson at the crossroads. A genuine track that feels timeless, Michael Jones states that ‘The Crossroads’ reflects classic songwriters while giving a new, refreshing sound.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaeljonesmusician
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaeljonesofficial/
Website: https://americanpoetmusic.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-288217762
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/12137225696
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoXV-6T8p3hX91j0XZOEAw?view_as=subscriber

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Canadian rocker Charmian Devi rises like a Phoenix with help of rock glitterati

You can’t get a better name for a rock goddess than Charmian Devi, she sounds mean and you don’t mess with her that’s what we feel , but actually when you get donw to it Charmian’s style is beautifully poetic and actually pretty gentle, have a look at the video for her new track and see what you think –

You dig, yes? Well we do dig it indeed and we dig Charmian and even better her music is all ready for you to enjoy and stream:








What else do you need to know ? Try this for size, and you will now have the full story including what the legends within her band and the grammy producer think , then if you are not hooked, well there’s no pleasing you , but we know you will be hooked and you will just be shouting out your isolating window ‘ WE LOVE CHARMIAN!’

Based in Canada, after her father emigrated from London to Montreal, Charmian Devi has spent her life as a musician, from melodic garage bands through to lead singer and songwriter for 90s punk band, Wretched Ethyl who became one of Canada’s most talked-about bands, opening for the likes of Seattle grunge legends, 7 Year Bitch and punk icons, Nomeansno. Their demise after four fraught years sadly coincided with the tragic death of her husband – it was from the burning embers of this dark and harrowing time that Charmian Devi relocated to London for two years to rebuild her life. Still haunted by her turbulent past, she returned to Canada and a new Charmian emerged, a songwriter and musician who was truly able to crystallise her experiences and express them through her music.

“I really enjoyed recording with Charmian Devi…her songs remind me of bands like the Velvet Underground, raw intuitive and in-tune with the times” Bassist, Tony Garnier

Dedicated to a life in music and resolutely opposed to authoritarian regimes and dogma, Charmian is the embodiment of everything rock n roll stands for: truth; revolution and unyielding artistry. Her latest single, Radio of None is available on 8th April.

“I’ve really enjoyed producing Charmian because there are fewer and fewer artists today that play inspired & raw folk/rock music and are not trying to polish everything to sound more commercial. Her music speaks the truth and she puts all of herself into her songs. That’s also why I wanted to use musicians that are comfortable in an environment of spontaneous music that’s rough around the edges but carries a meaning and an attitude. Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth are all raw and unapologetic and make great rock and/or folk music with powerful lyrics and meanings, so choosing Lenny, Tony and Steve was an obvious choice because that is exactly what Charmian does too!” Three-times Grammy Award-winning producer, Marc Urselli

A Burn’s Night Special: 5 Scottish Artists to Soundtrack your Burns Night tumbler of Whiskey

From the raw sounds of the acoustic guitar and pipes to the delicate melodies of the fiddle and Celtic harp, the traditional components of Scottish music transports us to the rolling hills and picturesque villages of Scotland. Whether they involve the classic upbeat acoustics of traditional Scottish music, or simply draw from the beautiful landscape and rich Scottish culture, these 5 acts each offer something modern and unique to fuel your Burn’s Night supper.

Biffy Clyro

If there’s one stereotype of the Scottish that we can get on board with musically, it’s anger. Scottish rock band formed in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire Biffy Clyro create music with big, powerful riffs and lyrical hooks that have a real underlying anger that you can really rock out to. This is best shown in their song There’s No Such Thing As A Jazzy Snake’ however if it’s a more mellow anthem you are looking for with your beverage then look no further than their latest album MTV Unplugged: Live at Roundhouse, London. With real folky instrumentals like the harmonica and acoustic guitar in tracks like Drop It and Folding Starsthe Scottish trio offer all atmospheres for your Burn’s Night supper.

Elyssa Vulpes

Even though Elyssa is not originally from Scotland, now residing in Edinburgh the Italian singer songwriter soaks up all cultural elements of the Celtic folk traditions of Scotland. Her latest album release Holding On, Letting Go is meditative yet motivational, with not only a classic singer-songwriter style but elements of neo-folk. With the acoustic guitar and upbeat folk melodies being the spine of the album, Elyssa offers a take on traditional Scottish sounds whilst also mixing them with elements of indie-pop and Americana. With lead tracks like Front Line and Charlene, the album gives a perfect modern take for your Scottish themed evening.

Nina Nesbitt

Having previously performed at the Big Burn’s Supper View event in Dumfries, Scotland 2015, Nina Nesbitt offers a fun acoustic contribution to Burns Night. Born in Livingston, the Scottish folk pop artist has produced tracks like Not What Your Dad Wants to Know and Some You Win which are composed of delicate folk vocals, upbeat acoustic guitar riffs and small elements of country music that fills you with contentment and makes you want to jump up and jig. Set to release her second album ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’ on Feb 1st, Nina‘s album Peroxide stands as the most fitting for a Burns Night fueled with acoustic folk goodness.

The Mojo Cams

Following a different angle for your Burns Night experience, The Mojo Cams offer a more theatrical alternative with his multimedia project – a concept album that tells a story of an outsider set in the traditional Scottish landscapes and the tightly-knit communities. The Mojo Cams create a story through folk-like tracks in latest album Nebular Tuesday, whereby the songs are sung by separate characters, building a story to follow throughout – a fun Scottish-themed addition to Burn’s Night.

Yip Man of Scotland

To finish off our list, Yip Man of Scotland brings something unique to our Burns Night playlist. Being the alter-ego of Scottish songwriter Al Nero, the former frontman of blissful guitar slingers Le Reno Amps and the co-founder of Glasgow’s Armellodie Records brings us his first single Aye Peckin’ from his forthcoming second album, Pure Zen, Ken?, due to be released in Autumn 2019. Taking its name from a doric saying that you may hear from time to time should you ever visit the North of Scotland ”Foos yer doos?’ …aye peckin”, the song is about ploughing on, laced with a keen sense of fun and an irresistible marriage of riff and melody. This innovative and amusing single provides one light hearted anthem to your night that is inherently Scottish.

So sit back, grab a tumbler of Scottish Whiskey and breathe in Scottish culture at your Burns Night supper!


Three Cheers for Cholesterol Jones!

As we tremble in the corner of the pub, waiting for the inevitable nuclear apocalypse, it’s comforting to know that some brave souls are picking up their guitars and setting them to stun.

Splitting his time between the US and London, Cholesterol Jones is both an animator and a musician, using these skills to set the brains of  sensible members of society whirring into thoughts of action, and the dumber elements a slap around the ears. Satan’s in Heaven, the lead track of a forthcoming EP of the same name, is a case in point: tricky to pigeon-hole musically (a bit country; a bit singer-songwriter; a bit gospel; a bit TV advert jingle), it uses the cleverness of the lyrics and outstanding animated video to convey a message which, although easy to understand, is in no way condescending or preachy to its audience.

Impressively, the song sticks in your head for days: the simplicity makes you realise exactly how hard many artists try to cram as much into three minutes as possible, yet by stripping away the flotsam and jetsam, the true genius can ring out. There’s a nagging feeling we should have been following Cholesterol way before we heard Satan’s in Heaven, but, as they say, it’s never too late. But what beverage to celebrate this discovery? We reckon something unassuming but deadly, so what better than the green fairy herself? Chin-Chin!

Julia Mascetti – When Meads Must

As the nights draw in and the opportunities for settling back in the rocking chair with a glass in one hand and the gramophone needle in the other grow, we’re finding ourselves more inclined towards the soothing storytelling, as opposed to the death metal we occasionally happen upon.

Praise due then for Julia Mascetti, a harpist in the Joanna Newsom mould but with the added strings attached, if you like, of being a Brit abroad – in Tokyo, no less. As well as being a prolific blogger, she has grown an audience of local music fans who have been attracted like moths to an open fridge to her shadowy indie folk world of longing and warnings, combining her harp prowess with local musicians playing Japanese instruments. It’s a combination which is both creepy and invigorating and with a sudden thirst for mead. That’s why it says mead in the title. Here’s a picture of some mead, some places to find Julia and a video. Chin-chin.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/juliamascetti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliamascetti

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JuliaMascetti

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliamascetti

Website: https://tokyoharp.blog