Reviews: Mangoseed – Alternative Facts

Every now and again there will be that one song that shouts higher and louder than the thousands that rush through the promo doors. Something that genuinely hooks, that strives to innovate, that is actively seeking to destroy all trace of complacency and repetition; enter ‘Alternative Facts’ from the wizards at Mangoseed.

In just three and a half minutes the band not only serves up a fantastic first tease to ‘Dreamers’, the record from which it originates, but also makes a great case for the novelty of combining elements of ska, rock, punk and jungle into an eclectic smorgasbord worthy of lauding. This comes packed with reggae style hooks to keep the heads bobbing but also serves up a bitter political undertone when the lines are read between which is well complimented by the generous helping of bass lines and electronic glitching and screeches.

But for some it will be the poignancy that accompanies the sharp political undertones that do the track’s heavy lifting. Frontman Nicholai La Barrie has no issue with blending his hypnotically smooth deliveries with piercing blows against the social zeitgeist; he does not mince words and nor should he do so.

This is a concept that stretches out beyond the three and a half minute boundaries that the song finds itself between and into the greater picture of Dreamers’ 11 tracks. Nicholai explains: “Most of our lives are governed by some kind of political decision that we had nothing to do with. It’s really important to say that out loud and ask questions so we feel with and for people and bring them together. There is healing power in music. You can find bliss in everybody jumping, singing, and dancing together.”

An indelible message from an unequally unforgettable band. ‘Alternative Facts’ deserves to be played loud and proud by all; so grab your speakers and turn the to 11.

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Crack of Dawn Release Cracking New Tune ‘Tiempo’.

With over forty years of funk continuing to flow through their systems and into the masses, soul legends Crack of Dawn have returned with an exciting new single ‘Tiempo’.

Collaborating with four time Grammy nominee and award winning actress Melba Moore, writers Dennis Nieves and Michael Dunston wrote the song about people needing to find themselves after a serious break up.

Although written many years ago, the song relates even to this day, with Michael’s wife battling some medical issues as of late.

The deep vocals by Dunston, smooth instrumentals and the strong female voice from Melba Moore allows this track not only to be therapeutic and relatable, but to be taken to a whole new level of soul and funk.

You can listen to ‘Tiempo’ here:

This power collab should excite fans extremely, with both band and artist having worthy accolades under their belt. Melba Moore has a total of eleven top ten U.S hits on the Billboard charts over the past 40 years, as well as two number one R & B hits (“Falling” and ”A little bit more”, with Freddie Jackson).

On the other hand Crack of Dawn were the first Black Canadian band to sign with a major label, joining Columbia in 1975. Their 2017 album ”Spotlight”, produced by Carl Harvey, has won many indie awards.

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‘DEEP’ Single Release

Booze!? Rum!

Track set for release on 7th September, followed by self-titled album on 21st September

Formed in 2012, the pair have established themselves not only as talented musicians but hard workers, consistently building a momentum and following over three years of hard graft and great music. It’s well known that a strong work-ethic in the modern industry is often as important as the quality of the songs ,and the fact that Yeti Love has both makes this year one full of potential for the pair.

Already busy putting together a tour to promote the album from the end of September, they are already in and out of the studio working on an new EP to follow it up. Already two steps ahead, all this comes at the same time as curating and organising their very own festival: The Airballoon Garden Party, 29-30th August at Rickman Hill Park.

You can enjoy it here:

Live Dates:

August 29th  Airballoon Garden Party Coulsdon

More dates to follow…



Court Royal insist you ‘Watch Yourself’ – single out soon

May 29th through Fly on the Wall Records


With the single due on May 29th, the next couple of months are set to be very busy for Court Royal. May 24th sees them play a hugely anticipated show at Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club, while in August they will take to the stage as part of the bill at the prestigious Strawberry Fields Festival. And, with an upcoming album already in the bag, it’s unlikely things will quieten down for Court Royal anytime soon.

It all feeds perfectly into the band’s main aim – to bring FUNK back to the UK music scene in 2015. And with previous single ‘Can’t Get Enough’ fast tracked onto the BBC Introducing playlist on the same night as it was uploaded, that target doesn’t feel like an impossible one.

Aside from the music, Court Royal also have something of a unique boast – how many bands can say that two of their members work for the emergency services? Juggling high pressure work like that with creating top class music can’t be easy, but in the case of Court Royal, it is all taken in stride.

Keep an eye on Court Royal in 2015 – ‘Watch Yourself’ is unleashed on May 29th.