“The Fabulous Red Diesel” share an electric live performance in video for “Mama Josie Said”

The Fabulous Red Diesel have outdone themselves. The four-piece band, in releasing their new single “Mama Josie Said”, have decided to share a music video featuring their acclaimed live show at Brighton Fringe. The song itself is, of course, smooth, laid-back, and stunning, but the group’s performances are out of this world. Mixing trapeze, modern dance, and projections with their music leads to an incredible experience.

The group, made up of husband-and-wife team Ms. Kitty (vocals, keys, flute) and Duke Bloom (drums), transgender musician Miss Bea-Have (double bass, tuba, trumpet), and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious (guitar and trumpet), create a song and performance environment that stand out completely as uniquely “Fabulous Red Diesel”. On the topic of the song’s lyrics, Ms. Kitty said “The theory is that when you raise your own vibration, it affects everyone around you, they want to raise theirs, by doing what they love and finding peace.”

The Fabulous Red Diesel will be performing their live show “Sparkly Bird” various Pop Up Theaters (including ones at Broomgrove Estate and The Stade, Hastings for the Coastal Current Arts Festival) free of charge, emphasizing their belief that live music should be available to everyone.

Frome Festival– 08/07/21 
Green Gathering –30/07/21, 01/08/21
Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – Broomgrove Estate, 11/08/21
Rye Jazz Festival (Jazz/Funk Day) – Supporting Incognito and Courtney Pine,28/08/21
Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – The Stade Hastings 11/09/21

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FabRedDiesel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabreddiesel
Instagram: instagram.com/fabreddiesel
Website: www.thefabulousreddiesel.com, www.sparklybird.co.uk
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thefabulous-reddiesel
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0hnu3Gtr7Br22o5Hw3Fw8C
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPKRBUOx9IVfgX5tuoZqZRg

Words by Jacob Rousu

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‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ – The Definitive Tribute

‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ is the definitive tribute to the world renowned and widely loved, Burt Bacharach. The album features 13 of Burt’s best known hits, reworked into a range of jazz influenced renditions and instrumentals.

The album has been conceived and produced by Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti for PLAY (Milan) and Oracle Records ltd (London).  The producers took inspiration from the likes of Chet Baker, Michael Bublé and Norah Jones to create the smooth jazz sound, but with strong elements of pop, funk and folk. Despite jazz being the easiest umbrella term to describe the album, hints of other styles and genres have been cleverly inserted, reinventing the works of the great songwriter and thus looking at them from a new angle.

It would only be fitting to have some of the world’s best musicians replicate the music of such an iconic singer and the producers made sure this was the case. The collection features the supreme piano talents of Massimo Colombo, as well as Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), one of the most appreciated double bass players in the world, Darek ‘Oles’ Oleszkiewicz, Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets), Michael Stever and Kathleen Grace,  a refined folksinger from the West Coast.

What Drink?

Such well-crafted, smooth jazz sounds require a tipple that’s equally classy so I would suggest a fine glass of red or perhaps a sophisticated gin and tonic.




Lenny’s Version of ‘Blueberry Hill’

Long-time singer-songwriter, Lenny Bunn, has released his own cover of the classic rock’n’roll track ‘Blueberry Hill’ and it’s certainly up there with Fats Domino and Elvis Presley renditions.

Lenny decided to record his own version of the well-known song as a dedication to his late, adopted father whose favourite song was ‘Blueberry Hill’.

There have been many covers of the song over the years since its inception in the 40s, in various different styles too, but Lenny has gone for a smooth jazz feel with his version.

Accompanying the release of the song is a live performance video of Lenny and his band members, but with one intriguing twist: each member of the band is recording their section of the song from the comfort of their own home and different studios via an internet call.

The song also features the talents of Third World Reggae Band pianist, Ibo, and the beautiful vocals of Melissa James.

As far as Lenny is concerned, the outcome of his tribute to his Dad is ‘more beautiful than ever imagined’.

What Drink?

The laid-back, breezy nature of ‘Blueberry Hill’ requires something relaxing, perhaps a classy single-malt or even a sloe gin and tonic.