Can a good piece of Art be tasted?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about flavours?

Now stay with us on this one, for we may sound a little crazy. If there’s one thing I love about art, it’s the way it can ignite and heighten my senses.

We know that art can speak to us, it can convey emotion and feeling, but what about taste?

Even science would argue that this is entirely possible, take the phenomenon of ‘synesthesia’.

Synesthesia is a a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense (e.g., taste) produces experiences in a totally different sense (e.g., sight).

Accordingly to researcher Sean Day up to 1 in 27 people has some form of Synesthesia.

This phenomenon sparked my curiosity, and I sought to find a piece of art that can provide the ‘synesthesia’ sensation.

I quickly stumbled upon the works of Dmitry, a visual artist and painter whose creativity is inspired by senses, emotions and genuine feeling.

His collection ‘Flavours’ is a curious set of works inspired by various tastes, spices and palates.

I was particularly struck by ‘Paprika’, vibrant and vivid Dmitry somehow captures the stunning feel and texture of the spice in . I feel as if I can taste the seasoning, smell and taste that comforting scent of a warm dinner cooking on a cold day, just by looking at this piece.


I hate to disappoint, but not all artwork will be able to give you this sensation. Only creatives with the immensely impressive ability to capture feelings and sense in a singular still image can bring us this curious experience.

If you’re looking for Art you can truly taste, Dmitry’s work is the place to go.