“The Fabulous Red Diesel” share an electric live performance in video for “Mama Josie Said”

The Fabulous Red Diesel have outdone themselves. The four-piece band, in releasing their new single “Mama Josie Said”, have decided to share a music video featuring their acclaimed live show at Brighton Fringe. The song itself is, of course, smooth, laid-back, and stunning, but the group’s performances are out of this world. Mixing trapeze, modern dance, and projections with their music leads to an incredible experience.

The group, made up of husband-and-wife team Ms. Kitty (vocals, keys, flute) and Duke Bloom (drums), transgender musician Miss Bea-Have (double bass, tuba, trumpet), and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious (guitar and trumpet), create a song and performance environment that stand out completely as uniquely “Fabulous Red Diesel”. On the topic of the song’s lyrics, Ms. Kitty said “The theory is that when you raise your own vibration, it affects everyone around you, they want to raise theirs, by doing what they love and finding peace.”

The Fabulous Red Diesel will be performing their live show “Sparkly Bird” various Pop Up Theaters (including ones at Broomgrove Estate and The Stade, Hastings for the Coastal Current Arts Festival) free of charge, emphasizing their belief that live music should be available to everyone.

Frome Festival– 08/07/21 
Green Gathering –30/07/21, 01/08/21
Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – Broomgrove Estate, 11/08/21
Rye Jazz Festival (Jazz/Funk Day) – Supporting Incognito and Courtney Pine,28/08/21
Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – The Stade Hastings 11/09/21

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FabRedDiesel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabreddiesel
Instagram: instagram.com/fabreddiesel
Website: www.thefabulousreddiesel.com, www.sparklybird.co.uk
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thefabulous-reddiesel
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0hnu3Gtr7Br22o5Hw3Fw8C
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPKRBUOx9IVfgX5tuoZqZRg

Words by Jacob Rousu

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Yo ready to make you ‘Shake It’ With New Single!

Post-punk indie single set to hit on June 15th

Booze? Rum!

Currently based in New Orleans – the birthplace of soul and jazz – Yo are a rock band not afraid to go against the grain. After travelling the globe and making homes in various areas of the USA and Europe, the music and song writing draws upon a wealth of inspirations and tales from the road.


The latest single taken from the album will be the rough hitting, punk laced track ‘Shake It’ – dripping in punchy bass-lines, quasi-spoken vocals and a distinctly trippy sensibility.

‘Shake It’ as a track represents just one of the many facets and styles that make Yo such an interesting band. Each track is specifically influenced by the place, time and events of its conception, so pinning down a genre is something of a challenge.

You can hear the track here:

Watch the video here:

The single is taken from the album ‘Vagrancy’, an LP which demonstrates perfectly the versatile nature of Yo’s song writing. Songs such as ‘Shake It’ are seemingly built for the high energy of live performance, but other tracks on the album suit different environments. Whether chilling out at a festival, going for it on a club dance floor, jumping around at a live gig or relaxing in a local pub, there will be a song on this album which fits perfectly to every situation.

Altogether, it makes for a heady cocktail which is tough to pigeonhole, sewn together by the originality of vocalist Andre’s delivery.

Single ‘Shake It’ will be available from June 15th.







New Fresh Jamaican Soul Single hits shelves!

James Nettey Photography
James Nettey Photography

Neo Soul Sensation Lateefah Reveals ‘This is Who I Am’

Booze? Mirlot
Review: The soift and sultry tones create a classy edge that a deep and fruity mirlot would compliment brilliantly. Try it out and tell us if you agree!

Along with the Single, you can also get a FREE download of the track “Here I am”: http://latekorecords.com/lat-s-music


Rolands Syndicate – EP Review ‘Little Mullu’

Booze? Draught Beer

This slow jam funky collaboration from Roland Polyak and soul vocalist, Milli is a real treat. Its open air feeling is perfect for the summer festival goer, who prefers a more chilled out time. Thats why a fine ale would fit this mellow beat brilliantly.

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