Second orchestral album “String Theory” from A Flock of Seagulls is a new spin on classic songs

A Flock of Seagulls, the decade defining synthpop and new wave band, are back on August 20th with their second orchestral album String Theory after 2018’s Ascension. This album, once again, features the Prague Orchestra (among others) to add new instrumental backing to 11 new recordings of classics and fan favorites. The album, like Ascension, features all four original members, including lead vocalist and hairdresser Mike Score, his brother drummer Ali Score, fellow hairdresser and bassist Frank Maudsley, and guitarist Paul Reynolds.

From their genre codifying hit singles such as “I Ran (So Far Away)” to their distinctive visuals that were constantly played on MTV to lead singer Mike Score’s outrageous haircut, all of which are referenced in pop culture to this day, the group helped make the 1980’s what they were aesthetically. The group, interestingly enough, continues to examine what their classic songs would sound like in a more timeless format.

The answer is largely that the songs, including “Say You Love Me”, “Messages”, “The More You Live, The More You Love”, “Remember David” and “The Story of A Young Heart”, gain a new coat of paint that only enriches the already well loved tracks. This is a lovely gift to hardcore fans and casual enjoyers of their hits alike.


Words by Jacob Rousu

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Four Crooks instil anthem after anthem in latest EP ‘Black Magic’

One good thing out of lockdown is that musicians all across the globe have turned their creative juices into something positive. Four Crooks did exactly that too. Gathering their thoughts and talents together in a remote farmhouse to write and produce their new EP ‘Black Magic‘, the 3 track EP is a refreshing release that captures a youthful band destined for stardom.

Situated somewhere in between the attitude of The Black Keys and early Arctic Monkeys, the record takes centre stage and showcases a band that use their music as a sort of escapism.

Black Magic‘ is led by the first track of the same name, and describes feelings of addiction. A warning and a celebration of everything that can take hold of all your senses, the first single is an elevating tune that captures Four Crook’s youth.

Feel Alright‘ talks about walking out of a difficult relationship with your head held high, while EP-closer ‘Paranoia‘ is a hard-hitting number that describes how it feels to be trapped with anxiety and doubt.

Four Crooks are stating that rock and roll is far from over, it just has a refreshing new face.


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Empathy Test set to release debut album following rave reviews

If, like us, you loved electro pop band Empathy Test’s new single, Monsters, then you’ll love the news that they are preparing to release their new album this year. 

And if not, listen to the single here and you’ll soon be counting down the days until the album is released –

And if that’s not enough to wet your appetite, the band have also received incredible reviews from the likes of Metro, PopMatters, Earmilk and BBC Introducing who love the single “more and more with every listen” – us too! 

Written collectively by all four band members, the new album, under the same name as the hit single, Monsters, captures the very essence of the current world zeitgeist and features the stunning title track which is accompanied by a video directed by the award-winning Calum Macdiarmid, which has been nominated for this year’s Berlin Music Video Awards.

No news yet on the exact release date of the album but we suggest you follow the guys on social to be the first to know when they do!







Free Downloads + New Album (Genre: Electronica) – ANDRENACHROME ‘NEW BEGINNINGS’

Free Downloads + New Album (Genre: Electronica) – ANDRENACHROME ‘NEW BEGINNINGS’








Golden Gates

Odyssee de l’espace


01 Empires
02 Golden Gates
03 Your Final Dream
04 Odyssee de l’espace
05 New Beginnings
06 Divide & Funk
07 Go Tropo
08 Veritas
09 Something is nothing
10 Spaghettification
11 Schadenfraude
12 Sex & Droids & Rock n Roll
13 Orbit of solitude

Toyface ready for new album: ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’



Having been described by a fellow artist as ‘like Laura Marling crossed with Billie Holiday’, Bristol based duo Tamsyn and James, aka Toyface, are a mouth watering proposition for music fans. With a varied collection of 11 songs making up their debut album, the pair have blended an eclectic range of influences that has resulted in an album with strong jazz and cinematic leanings; both playful and plaintive.

The pair’s songwriting process is varied: sometimes involving Tamsyn writing lyrics alongside her own simple structures on guitar; but often times working from a cappellas, which James then lays piano chords underneath. This is clearly a combination that works well and has yielded a crop of songs which are relatable to anybody who has ever found themselves working hard to find a place in the world – a situation most, if not all of us, know well.

In Tamsyn’s own words, the album ‘charts a process of experiencing, coping with, and the eventual resolution of, existential angst that I went through in my early 20s’; by way of heartbreak, physical insecurity and complex family ties’. And it’s from this well of shared stories where Toyface’s main strength lies – their ability to write with searing honesty about the common human experience, and lay those tales out across an intense, shifting musical backdrop.


The album is set to be exclusively launched in the duo’s home town of Bristol on April 24th, with the album to follow shortly after. The release marks the culmination of a journey that started with a chance meeting on the way back from the Secret Garden Party festival a number of years ago.

Trying to find a way back to Bristol at the end of the festival, Tamsyn managed to find her way onto a truck with a group of revellers heading in that direction. Not long into the journey, an incident on the road left the group stranded for 28 hours waiting for the journey to continue, during which time the group bonded.


Rockstar Frame join the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia’ with new album



Their new album, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia’ drops on May 11th, and includes the single ‘She’s Hot’.

A Milan five piece whose spontaneous approach to songwriting lends their heavy rock style a frenzied energy, Rockstar Frame are a band who are going places.

With a sound which follows naturally on from the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Aerosmith, only with the powerful female vocals of Faith Blurry, they are already turning heads in their home country having won the national ‘Rock the Road Contest’. Competing against 70 hand-picked bands from across the country Rockstar Frame came out on top thanks to their killer songs and great live show.


Rockstar Frame have an origin story like no other. The band was started when founder Max was in a coma after falling from cliff. His family played him rock music while he was unconscious, and he woke with the belief that the music helped to bring him back – inspiring him to write his own.

From there, the band was formed, and has been growing ever since – only set to get even bigger with the arrival of the new album and the help of a growing fanbase.

That fanbase will, in fact, have the opportunity to pick up a free copy of the new album. The album launch gig – date to be confirmed soon – will see 20 free CDs on offer for the first 20 who come dressed as an old school ‘gangster’ to join the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia and get into the spirit of the evening.

The show, like the album, is set to be a blinder. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia’ is released on May 11th.


Noel & the Pandas with ‘Whip Me’ single



With a gritty, dirty groove pushed by chugging drums, distorted power chords and a spoken vocal that suits the style perfectly, it’s the latest addition to what is growing to be a very strong back catalogue.

Already marked out as the hottest new rock proposition from Italy, Noel and the Pandas continue to go from strength to strength. Produced by guitarist Nicola Rosti and with lyrics from band founder Noel, the debut album is a true labour of love from a songwriter whose outlook on life has changed dramatically in recent years


An indie rock band with an unusually varied style, Noel and Pandas are an Italian group who revel in adding varied ideas and influences to a strong foundation of indie rock. With new album ‘In the Art of Doom’ already getting the band plenty of plaudits, the time has now come for the latest single release, the provocatively titled ‘Whip Me’.

His is a story of riches to rags. After a promising career as a banker was ended overnight, he has picked himself back up using nothing but his music and the experiences he has to write about. The power of music to move and transform those who make and hear it is often underestimated, but Noel is living proof that – with enough talent and determination – it’s possible to come back from the brink.

‘Whip Me’ is released on June 1st.