iLana Armida’s Summertime Love shimmers and shines

iLana Armida proves herself once again as a master of smooth, summery pop music. Fresh off of writing for Doja Cat’s smash hit album Planet Her, her new single Summertime Love continues to prove her ear for pop music. In this case, she once again brings the smooth, summery vibes to create an inviting love song.

iLana’s breathy, soothing vocals perfectly match the airy synths and light beat, crafting a perfect song to evoke a blissful summer day. iLana is, of course, the master of this formula, having racked up 7.6 million Spotify plays on songs she co-wrote. Her choice to remain an independent artist, like other artists like Tinashe, has allowed her to create every aspect of her artistry – including by mixing cultural influence. The label system, traditionally bad at handling any mix of styles (see the aforementioned Tinashe as an example), probably would not know how to handle her mix of influences from around the globe. iLana herself is of mixed heritage, and her ability to stay ambiguous culturally and take influence from everywhere serves to create a welcoming sonic environment for all.

In her words, “I sing songs that incorporate multiple languages and genres purposefully so that people of all cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities can feel connected to the music…I want everyone to feel accepted and united.


Words by Jacob Rousu

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LearningToDive’s “You Said it Best” is a peaceful reflection on home

After releasing his acclaimed album “Norwegian Pop” earlier this year, LearningToDive is back with a much more introspective song. Bravo Bonez, the one behind the LearningToDive project, wrote the song for the 80’s pop and post-punk inspired album, but realized that it was unique enough to merit its own moment as a standalone single. The song’s atmospheric yet sparse sound, mixing genres like country and sophisti-pop, makes the song as gorgeous and meaningful as it is.

The song itself is a reflection on being united with family. Bonez’s longing performance, along with Alba Rose’s otherworldly backing vocals, help to underscore the song’s message of wanting to return to a life left behind. The song’s video provides an interesting lens into this – it was filmed in Ocean Sound Recording Studio, the Norwegian studio where the album was recorded, far away from his loved ones. The song has elements of melancholy, but it provides a sense of hope.

About the song, Bonez said that “‘You Said It Best’ is an uplifting, heartwarming message incorporating themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude, and is about coming back to one’s roots and working out what really matters.”

Spotify: PA 

Words by Jacob Rousu

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Vino Rose’ NO but the result is intoxicating as Vina Rose approaches her Crossroads

She may sound like what you might consume on a lovely summers day with a few olives whilst those around you simply drink beer, but if you like soemthing a little more sophisticated then Vina Rose is just for you , a star already in Italy and now she is taking that big chance and aiming to set the UK music scene ablaze and with the EP.,‘Crossroads’, she is going to take you on a rather pleasant road trip as long as you promise not to drink and drive….  As one of Italy’s most recognisable stars on Italian television, singer; actress and performer, Vina Rose made the difficult decision to make the UK her new home but that decision looks to have given her the platform to wow new audiences with her brand-new EP. The aptly-titled, Crossroads, looks to build on the critical acclaim of her 2019 single, Breathe Again, and sees her vocal prowess given tracks that really allow her to shine, from the anthemic Heart of Gold to the dark and brooding dance-inflected title track which sees her reflecting on the momentous decision she made to relocate at the height of her career.

Listen to an exclusive track from Vina’s EP here

Listen to Crossroads the single here

Watch the Lyric Video for Heart of Gold here

She is already being tipped for success by other exciting music names so we are not alone, you don’t believe us? Well try these out for size.  “Breathe Again is an honest, deeply human, yet energising release, likely to make waves throughout 2019…the song makes for a bold and beautiful introduction to an artist with a clear love for and dedication to her craft” Stereo Stickman ; “An Unforgettable pop banger!” Celeb Mix ; “Beautifully atmospheric new pop” Music Week Presents. See we told you , she is going to be a big noise very soon so get out there and tell your friends.

‘Land of Hope’: a new protest song from Beldon Haigh

Scottish singer songwriter has already written himself into the history books, being one of the only modern day curators of protest songs, but now he is back with ‘Land of Hope’- a song inspired by the refugee crisis which has seen so much exposure in the media of late.

Beldon started off his career back in the 80s playing in a number of bands such as Mikifin and Boxing Clever, but after taking a long break from music, he returned to his passion with a vengeance – penning a protest song about Donald Trump after a dream gave him the inspiration.

However, ‘Land of Hope’ depicts all the feeling and sentiment that you would expect from a song that was written after Beldon saw the famous photo of Alan Kurdi, a 3 year old Syrian boy, who drowned and was washed up on the beach after his family tried to cross into Europe.

Despite the severe nature of what Beldon is addressing in his music, ‘Land of Hope’ is actually a very upbeat song, and whilst some may find this odd, or even disrespectful – those people would be missing the most important word here: ‘hope’. This is a jovial, upbeat song because it needs to be; after all, it’s aim is to get people really thinking and acting on the atrocities they see on the news.

What drink to accompany ‘Land of Hope’?

It doesn’t seem right that we pair an intoxicating beverage with a song of such seriousness and relevance but if anything, perhaps a strong coffee might propel you from your sofa into becoming an activist against the refugee crisis. It might happen. You never know.





Morecambe and Wise Classic Featured On TV Adverts Set to Make Local Girl a Star

Listen to Ashleigh Wood’s ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ here:

Ashleigh Wood’s Version of Morecambe and Wise’s ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ is a reflection of summertime; light, sunny and full of joy. It is a perfect song to enjoy blasting through your car speakers, barbequing or simply lounging outside and making the most of the somewhat unpredictable British weather, and Ashleigh truly makes the song her own. Just try and listen to it without wanting to do the hopping routine the legendary comedians made famous on their classic shows. Summer is here and Ashleigh Wood is set to truly bring it sunshine, whatever the weather.

Bring Me Sunshine will be available from August 24th.




Twitter: @ashleigh_wood_

Jupe are ready to set sparks with new single!

Jupe - promo 2

Booze!? Pimms!

Rocket, the lead single from JUPE offers an explosion of modern pop, ensuring its place in the UK arena this year.

JUPE deliver their sensational live show across the UK to a new and growing fanbase on their 2015 UK Tour, supporting and amplifying the whirlwind release of Rocket.

Listen to Rocket Here:



Twitter: @JupeMusic


Kinky Dove rock out with new self-titled EP

3 track release set to be unleashed on June 15th


Born in Australia but now living in London, Kinky Dove is the musical moniker of frontman Scott Wade and his evolving collective of musicians. Progenitors of gritty, driving rock, the group are readying themselves for a fresh assault on the music industry with a brand new three track EP.

Their particular brand of rock and roll, defined in many ways by the bluesy, post-rock growl of Wade on vocals, is currently in short supply both nationally and globally, and Kinky Dove are now looking to redress that balance.

For a taste of their punchy style, check out the video to EP track ‘Some Kind of Fool’, featuring an epic slap-happy montage of Hollywood moments.

The EP also features a remix/cover version of classic 1978 track ‘Another Girl Another Planet’ by The Only Ones – in this case titled simply ‘Another Girl’.

There is also a trance remix of ‘It’s Called Heartache’ on the EP. You can find the video for this at

The EP is online at

Produced by Chris Kimsey, previously of Olympic Studios, the EP marks Kinky Dove out as one of the earthiest rock bands on the scene. Fans of Scott Wade and Kinky Dove before they began working together, the producer understood the style and heights at which the music was aiming, and helped mould that vision into the musical reality that Kinky Dove has become.

The CD was mixed by Wade. Studio legend Phill Brown loved the sound of the CD, commenting that the mixes were “open and alive.”

The resulting EP is a continuation of form from previous album ‘Kinky Dove vol. 1’, and the latest step in Kinky Dove’s climb.


Cosby – Summer Gold EP




A trio from Richmond, Virginia in the US, Cosby are a band on the rise. With their very own brand of upbeat synth pop with 1980s flavours, they combine anthemic melodies, smooth harmonies, driving guitar hooks, ethereal synth layers and dance beats to great effect on new EP ‘Summer Gold’.

Influenced by the likes of Tears for Fears, Aha, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys but giving their own music a contemporary production sheen, the band were formed when brothers Chris and Chip Cosby joined forces after years of playing separately, the results were golden from the very start. Soon, Mike Levinson entered the fray as drummer and percussionist, and the band haven’t looked

‘Summer Gold’ is the latest fruit of their labours, the quality of which is typified by the pace, energy and huge chorus of pulsating single ‘Heartracer’ – and it also helps that that the arcade game influenced video is a real treat:

Pulsating single ‘Heartracer’ to accompany May 11th EP release 

Want to hear more? Check out the Branded James Remix of previous album title track ‘In Flight’:


Lowly – ‘Stones In The Water’

Booze? An artisan cocktail or some variety.

Delivering a stunning set at Berlin Music Week in September (Nordic by Nature stage), the band have confirmed their first London show will be at the JAJAJA Club Night at The Lexington on October 30th.

Driven by a crashing rhythmic force and insistent synth-lines ‘Stones in the Water’s lyric draws you into an almost mythical, shadowy description of nature: mysterious stones in water and tongues that glow in the dark.

Shane Thomas – ‘Mrs Matisee’

Booze? Flute of expensive Champagne.

Shane is an extremely talented composer that needs little introduction. His music emits pure beauty, he is undeniably a genius! The talented soul was inspired to write the track after seeing a painting by Henri Matisse. He was so taken with the beauty of the painting that he decided to compose a piece of music about it.

Simply amazing!