LearningToDive’s “You Said it Best” is a peaceful reflection on home

After releasing his acclaimed album “Norwegian Pop” earlier this year, LearningToDive is back with a much more introspective song. Bravo Bonez, the one behind the LearningToDive project, wrote the song for the 80’s pop and post-punk inspired album, but realized that it was unique enough to merit its own moment as a standalone single. The song’s atmospheric yet sparse sound, mixing genres like country and sophisti-pop, makes the song as gorgeous and meaningful as it is.

The song itself is a reflection on being united with family. Bonez’s longing performance, along with Alba Rose’s otherworldly backing vocals, help to underscore the song’s message of wanting to return to a life left behind. The song’s video provides an interesting lens into this – it was filmed in Ocean Sound Recording Studio, the Norwegian studio where the album was recorded, far away from his loved ones. The song has elements of melancholy, but it provides a sense of hope.

About the song, Bonez said that “‘You Said It Best’ is an uplifting, heartwarming message incorporating themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude, and is about coming back to one’s roots and working out what really matters.”

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Words by Jacob Rousu

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